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Menstrual Cycle 101

Dive into the wonders of your own biology with our menstrual cycle collection. Get to know the hormones sex hormones busy at work, and the factors that can impact and change our cycles.

Reproductive Health

The Menstrual Cycle Explained

Knowing your menstrual cycle is a great way to get to know your body, whether you consider yourself well-informed, or are just starting out on a journey to better understand your cycle. Read ‘What is the Menstrual Cycle?’ to discover the different phases, the hormones involved and how tracking your cycle can help you plan or prevent a pregnancy.

4 min read

Period & Bleeding

Irregular Periods & Irregular Cycles

Anyone with a cycle is likely to experience irregular menstruation from time to time. For some of us though, irregular periods and changes to the length of our cycle are more frequent. In this post, we’ll cover what irregular cycles are, how they change over time, some factors that can affect the length of our cycles, plus more menstrual facts.

6 min read

Reproductive Health

What is Ovulation?

Understanding female health is at the core of what we do here at Natural Cycles. So naturally, we know quite a bit about ovulation and its role in fertility. Get ready to learn “what is ovulation?” and more about your body as we take a look at this important phase in the menstrual cycle and where it fits into the larger picture of planning or preventing pregnancy.

3 min read

Reproductive Health

Hormones 101: What is Progesterone?

Understand the role sex hormones play in the menstrual cycle with our quick guide to hormones. Here at Natural Cycles, we aim to break down the science of reproductive health and answer questions like ‘how do hormones work?’, 'what is progesterone?’ and much more.

3 min read

Reproductive Health

Hormones 101: What is Estrogen?

Our bodies are complicated, but learning about them doesn’t have to be. Discover the role of hormones in the menstrual cycle, as we answer questions like ‘what is estrogen?’, ‘what is estrogen dominance?’ and more. But first, let’s start at the beginning and kick off with the basics.

3 min read

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