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Natural Cycles:
Digital Contraception

You must be over 18 years of age Does not protect against STIs CE marked in Europe Cleared by FDA
Natural Cycles App and Thermometer


Research and clinical studies have shown that Natural Cycles is 93% effective.*

* Natural Cycles is 93% effective under typical use, which means that 7 women out of 100 women get pregnant during 1 year of use. Typical use effectiveness takes into account all possible reasons for becoming pregnant while using the app: from having unprotected sex on a red day, to the app wrongly attributing a green day or the chosen method of contraception on a red day having failed.

CE marked


Natural Cycles is cleared by the US FDA and CE marked in Europe as a medical device for use as a contraceptive. Read more about our regulatory clearances.

Drops a heart and an egg


The “brain” behind the app is a smart algorithm that can accurately determine a woman’s daily fertility. Check out how Natural Cycles works.

Periods, Sex, PMS, Ovulation, Hormones

And so much more

At Natural Cycles we are passionate about women’s health and helping women understand more about their bodies and menstrual cycle. Find out if Natural Cycles could be right for you.

Read what leading researchers and gynaecologists write about Natural Cycles.

These are some of our App Store reviews


by Simple, accurate and natural

I find this the best way to track my periods and fertility - it really is very accurate at predicting dates! I have struggled with hormonal birth control in the past, and feel so much better without it. Natural cycles has given me the freedom to just be a woman, and it feels great.

Makes a woman's life easier!!

by Tansie29

Easy to use. Great way of tracking everything with great accuracy. Every woman should be using it!


by Chloe Schnell

This app has revolutionized my contraception method. I now feel so in tune with my body and am so happy to be off hormones! Couldn't recommend this app enough.


- I love Natural Cycles, I’ve learned so much about my body in the last year.