Plan a Pregnancy with Natural Cycles

We’re more than a fertility app, find out how we can help you conceive.

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More than a fertility app…

Get pregnant faster

Our research shows that on average women take three cycles or less to become pregnant using Natural Cycles. Source

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Tailored to you

Our algorithm learns the unique pattern of your cycle, predicts ovulation and lets you know the days you’re most fertile.

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Works with irregular cycles

We’re all different and our cycles are no exception. Our app helps you find fertile days even in irregular cycles.

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Discover follow mode

Switch to follow mode after conception for tailored updates for you and baby. Natural Cycles can also be used as birth control after pregnancy.

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How to plan a pregnancy with Natural Cycles

Choose your goal
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Natural Cycles can be used in three different modes: plan, prevent or follow a pregnancy. When you’ve signed up, choose the plan option to get started on your journey.

Find your fertility
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Enter your temperature into the app and the algorithm will get to know you throughout your cycle. It can then predict ovulation and tell you when you’re most fertile.

Detect a pregnancy
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Using your temperature data the algorithm can also detect pregnancy. It will prompt you to take a test at the right time and switch to follow mode if you log a positive result.

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