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Does your Cycle affect your Mood?

Illustration showing happy an sad smileys around a circle

Key takeaways

  • Mood is affected by the menstrual cycle 
  • Most users log positive moods between their period and ovulation
  • Negative moods are more commonly logged during the luteal phase and period

Around 50 % of our users have logged their moods at least once during their cycles, and we analyzed this to see if we could see patterns in how moods change throughout the cycle. 

We found that users tended to log more positive moods during the follicular phase, (more specifically between the end of the period and ovulation). Positive moods you can track in the app include feeling happy, calm, and confident.

On the other hand, users more frequently logged negative moods during their period and in the luteal phase (after ovulation). Negative moods you can track in the app include feeling sensitive, sad and angry.

This research shows that our moods are influenced by our menstrual cycles, and the type of moods we experience (e.g. feeling calm or sensitive) are linked to particular points in our cycle.