Basal Thermometer from Natural Cycles (Celsius)

Basal Thermometer from Natural Cycles (Celsius)



Product Information

Basal thermometer °C

Not your average thermometer, our basal thermometer works for Celsius and measures body temperature to two decimal places (i.e. 36.65°C). This specificity is needed for detecting the rise and fall in temperature that happen throughout the menstrual cycle. If you’re using the Natural Cycles app, the algorithm will use these subtle temperature changes to predict and confirm your ovulation. This BBT thermometer can also measure body temperature to detect fever or chills. Just like the Natural Cycles app, our basal thermometer is CE marked in Europe. 


How to use a Basal  thermometer with Natural Cycles

Measure in the morning as soon as you wake up. Input the temperature reading into the app and the algorithm will tell you today’s fertility status i.e. Green Day (not fertile) and Red Day (fertile, you need to use protection). It doesn’t matter if you can’t measure every single day of your cycle, the algorithm can still get to know you if you can measure most of the time. If you’re a snoozer, don’t worry the basal thermometer stores your last temperature so you can measure and input data later.

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