Luna Smart Bead by LELO

Luna Smart Bead by LELO



Product Information

Luna Smart Bead by LELO

 A pelvic floor trainer that changes the game, meet the Luna Smart Bead. With five different exercise levels, this pelvic floor trainer adapts to your experience, learning from each exercise, and adjusting to the level that best suits you. Built-in touch sensors register every contraction, helping to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, preventing and controlling stress incontinence. 

How to use the Luna Smart Bead 

Use water-based lubricant as required, insert the Luna Smart Bead into the vagina. When it vibrates, squeeze the muscles around it. When the vibrations stop, relax the muscles. This exercise lasts for a couple of minutes as the touch sensors measure your pelvic strength. Next time you use the Luna Smart Bead it will automatically start on the best level for you. Travel bag and instructions included.


One year warranty

Dimensions: 1.22 in x 1.34 in x 3.23 

Weight: 1.76 oz.