Maude Rise 10 pack of Condoms

Maude Rise 10 pack of Condoms



Product Information

Maude Rise Condoms

Elevate your pleasure with Rise, ultra-thin condoms from Maude, the leaders in intimate essentials. No more harmful chemicals or spermicide, these condoms are made from 100% natural latex, are fragrance-free and vegan. Triple-tested and FDA cleared, safety is built into the design with intuitive buttercup packaging, meaning no more ripping wrappers or guessing which way is up. Use with Natural Cycles on red days. It’s time to take your pleasure to the next level with Rise.

Features of Maude Rise Condoms:

  • 10 individually wrapped condoms 

  • 100% natural latex

  • Vegan

  • Fragrance-free

  • No spermicide or chemicals

  • Easy-to-open packaging

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