World Contraception Day


What is World Contraception Day?

Founded in 2007, World Contraception Day takes place on the 26th of September every year. The global campaign raises awareness of birth control and pushes for better education when it comes to sexual and reproductive health.

This year we’re looking at how our contraceptive needs change throughout our lifetimes and why we need to expand choice and offer better education around birth control.

Read up on our latest survey results, or check out our World Contraception Day activities to learn more.

You change, so can your birth control

If you’ve changed birth control twice or more, you’re not alone. We asked more than 4000 Natural Cycles users about their contraceptive experiences. 86% told us that they’d changed methods at least two times.

The reasons for this are complex, but birth control side effects definitely play a part, as 76% said they switched due to unwanted side effects. While less than 50% did so without their partner’s involvement, raising the question, how much do we actually share the responsibility of birth control?

World Contraception Day Activities for 2021

Join us for a virtual panel on the 21st of September, where we’ll be having a full and frank discussion on all things birth control, from how to safely change methods, to what contraceptive choice looks like in 2021. Come along and meet our experts:

- Dr. Elina Berglund: Co-founder & CEO at Natural Cycles
- Dr. Fahimeh Sasan: Founding Physician and Chief Medical Officer & Ob/Gyn at Kindbody
- Dr. Jennifer M. Peña: Chief Medical Officer at Nurx

Virtual panel starts 12-noon ET- sign up now to guarantee your place! 

5 Facts for World Contraception Day

Did you know increasing knowledge is built into our mission? Head over to our blog to learn more...

Birth control stories

Everyone has their own experience with contraception, our users have shared some of their own stories.

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