Apple Watch, meet Natural Cycles

The FDA Cleared birth control app now uses your Apple Watch temperature to help you prevent or plan pregnancy.

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Apple and NC
Apple and NC
Happy woman holding a not fertile screen with an Apple Watch on her wrist

What is Natural Cycles?

The Natural Cycles app is a regulated medical device intended to be used to prevent or plan pregnancy. There are only 6 days each cycle you can get pregnant and the Natural Cycles app is able to use body temperature to pinpoint these days.

Way more than a cycle tracker

While tracking your cycle is helpful, period trackers should not be used to prevent pregnancy. Unlike cycle tracking apps, Natural Cycles is able to predict and confirm ovulation using body temperature.

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How does it work?

How to measure with Apple Watch

Wear your Apple Watch while you sleep

Apple watch

Wake up and your data will automatically sync


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Sleeping with Apple Watch and Natural Cycles

How effective is Natural Cycles compared to other methods?



Birth Control Pill


Contraceptive Pill

Vaginal ring


Vaginal Ring

Hormonal IUD


Hormonal IUD


Natural Cycles


Natural Cycles°

Male condom


Male Condom

Copper iud


Copper IUD


Percentage of typical users who did not get pregnant with the method over 1 year of use. Read more.

Find out why our users love NC° with 40K+ App Store reviews


April 17th, 2023

Even with my highly irregular cycles, this app has figure me out! It’s done what I never thought could be done. It took awhile to learn, a few cycles, but wow, I’m super impressed and will never stop using this app. I also learned a ton about my body. Highly recommend!

Amazing app

March 14th, 2023

What a resource for women, NC stays on top of current events and helps fund women studies. A wealth of information for women. Thank you

Life changing

April 8th, 2023

I only wish someone had told me about natural cycles before I went through the inferno of a copper IUD! Now I make it my aim to tell all my friends and family about NC… this should be part of sex ed… I have learned so much about my body and I feel in control of my own fertility. It’s amazing. And my period symptoms have significantly reduced from going all natural. I will be a lifelong member!!

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