The Science: What Makes our Contraception Credible?

Credibility is one of our Four Core Values here at Natural Cycles. Read more about our research, the medical advisors who work with us, and our certifications.

Scientific research at Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is shown to have an effectiveness rate of 93% with typical use and 98% effective with perfect use. This analysis looked at the data of over 22,000 women. When calculating typical effectiveness in this study, all possible reasons for becoming pregnant while using Natural Cycles were taken into account, this included having unprotected sex on a red day, to the app wrongly giving a green day, or the failure of a barrier method.

As part of our mission to pioneer women’s health with research and passion, we have a dedicated in-house team committed to research.  View our published studies on Natural Cycles’ effectiveness via the links below:

The European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Care

What is perfect use?

  • Perfect use is when you do not have unprotected sex on red days, i.e. always use a condom or abstain from sex
  • To be a perfect user, you do not need to measure every day at the same time, but you do need to use protection on every red day
  • Perfect use also includes women who had unprotected sex on a green day that was falsely given, or had protected sex on a red day but the method failed (e.g. a broken condom)
  • 98% effective means that 2 women out of 100 will get pregnant during 1 year of use, even with using the app perfectly

What is typical use?

  • Typical use shows how many women on average get pregnant due to all possible reasons
  • The most common reason for pregnancy with Natural Cycles is the failure to use protection on red days
  • Typical use includes pregnancies that occurred under perfect use
  • 93% effective under typical use means that 7 out of 100 women will get pregnant during one year of use

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