Natural Cycles:
The First Birth Control App Available in the US and Europe

How Does it Work?

Delivered in the form of an app, Natural Cycles is a digital fertility awareness based contraceptive that uses an intelligent algorithm to accurately and conveniently determine a woman’s daily fertility based on basal body temperature. That data builds into a personalized fertility indicator that informs her when she needs to use protection to minimize the chance of conception. The app can also be used to help plan a pregnancy when the time is right.

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Clinical Studies and Research

Natural Cycles is supported by clinical evidence. The Pearl Index of Natural Cycles for typical use (7) has been evaluated in a prospective, observational, peer-reviewed study involving over 22,000 women with a total of around 18,000 woman-years.

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Who is it Suitable for?

More options are needed for women seeking effective, non-hormonal and non-invasive contraception. Natural Cycles increases choice for women by providing them with an effective*, natural contraceptive that is available for use in Europe and in the US. * Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use.

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CE Marked in Europe and Cleared by FDA

An EU Notified Body and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have classified Natural Cycles as a medical device intended for use as contraception. In Europe Natural Cycles is classified as a class IIb medical device and in the US as class II. All manufacturers of medical devices in class IIb in Europe or class II in the US are subject to assessments and audits performed in regular intervals.



Surveyed women state it’s important that their contraception is natural or hormone-free

Natural Cycles quantitative survey via Research Now. 2018 (data on file)



With typical use

Based on clinical studies involving more than 22,000 women

Scientific Research


Published data

6 peer-reviewed papers and 5 published abstracts



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