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First FDA cleared digital birth control

Measures while you sleep

100% Hormone-free

How do I start using Natural Cycles with the Oura Ring?

Do you already have an Oura Ring?

Step 1

Sign up for Natural Cycles

You need an active subscription to Natural Cycles to sync your Oura Ring with our app.

Step 2

Pair your Oura Ring with Natural Cycles

Log in to your Natural Cycles account and follow a few simple steps to get started.
Please note: you need an active Oura membership to be able to pair your ring.

Step 3

Wear the Oura Ring overnight!

Wear your Oura Ring to bed to measure seamlessly while you sleep and unlock your daily fertility status.

Already use Natural Cycles?

If you are an existing user, you can claim your discount right through the Natural Cycles app by visiting the Buy Extra Supplies page. Learn more via our guide here or click the button below to go directly to your app. Make sure you have the latest app version to access this offer.

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