Shipping & Returns

When you make a purchase, you accept our Policies and Terms in its entirety, so please read everything before you place a purchase.

Shipping information

This shipping policy only includes orders from the Natural Cycles webshop. If you are looking for information regarding the delivery of your thermometer that is included in your Yearly subscription, we refer to the delivery information given in this link: Natural Cycles Shipping Information

Most orders ship within 1-3 business days. 
Should your order be placed before 11 a.m on an ordinary business day and the item/items are in stock, the package will normally be sent the same day, or else it is sent the next business day.

We are unfortunately unable to deliver to all countries due to customs restrictions, risk of package disappearance, unreliable postal system, or regulatory conflicts. You can find the countries that are unfortunately on the undeliverable list here.

We have a fixed shipping fee of $6 USD, but should you purchase for more than $30 USD the shipping is free. The package is delivered as an ordinary postal package and we do not offer any other types of delivery methods at the moment. But you will be sent a tracking code for your package through mail, so please make sure you add the correct email.

Smaller packages will be delivered directly to your door and larger to closest pickup place. You should get a notice from your local postal service if pickup is needed. Ordered items that are not in stock will be sent as soon as possible. Our logistics team will inform you about a new delivery time if possible. Should there be any extensive delays caused by us at Natural Cycles, you have the right to undo the purchase without extra costs.

When it comes to a multiple product order and an item is out of stock, Natural Cycles reserves the right to re-order or delete the item from the order unless delivery can be made within a reasonable time. The extra delivery will be sent without additional costs.

All shipments sent by Natural Cycles are insured. Damaged goods are reported to the Natural Cycles Support Team.

After completed purchase, there will not be any possibility to change the order and when the wrong address is given that leads to a return. We will then be needing to take out an extra fee of $18 USD, that covers the extra shipping fee and handling costs.

Force Majeure
Natural Cycles are exempt from penalties for failure to fulfill certain obligations under Agreement if the failure is due to liberating circumstances as described below and the circumstance prevents, obstructs or delays completion.

As a liberating circumstance, government action or failure, new or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, tampering, major accident or other types of natural disaster. Force Majeure includes government decisions that negatively affect market and products, e.g. restrictions on the indication, warning texts, sales prohibition etc., an abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to a criminal activity that affects the business.

For further questions please contact our support team at through this link  

Return information

This return policy only includes webshop orders. If you want to know more about the return policy regarding your Yearly subscription, we refer to the Natural Cycles Terms of Use

Send your return request to our Support Team with your errand and an address will be given to where the returns are done.

1 The return must be done within the 14 day return period, this does not include digital products such as the Natural Cycles subscriptions. The right of return is counted from the day you received the last item/items in your order.

2 Due to health and hygiene reasons, products with a broken seal are not covered by the right of return, nor are intimate products such as vibrators, condoms, sanitary products, and pelvic floor trainers.

3 In order for the return to be covered and to be eligible for a refund, the items must be returned in the unbroken, undamaged, and unlabelled original packaging - this meaning the product packaging. Pack the items in such a way that no damage can occur during shipping. You as a customer is responsible for the items until they are returned and reach us.

If a refund should be made, it will be done within 15 days of us receiving the item, we will keep you update by email.

5 When having a complaint, you have the right to do so within in 3-years of the purchase. In order to claim the right of complaint, you as the customer have to prove that the defect on the item was present at the time of purchase. This does not include digital products such as Natural Cycle subscriptions or gift cards. The complaint must be done within a reasonable time after you notice or should have noticed the error.

6 If other measures cannot be made on the product and an equivalent item is not available, a refund may be made. Any refund of the item and shipping will be made within 15 days from the date of the decision.

Last updated: May 27th 2021