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Introducing the world's first and only digital birth control method. Cleared by the FDA and scientifically-proven!

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Effectively prevent pregnancy & learn about your body in 3 quick steps

We’ll take care of the rest

1. Measure

When you wake up in the morning, use the Natural Cycles thermometer to take your temperature.

2. Add data

Enter your temperature into the app and let Natural Cycles analyze your unique cycle and identify your fertility status.

3. Learn your fertility

Instantly find out if today is a red or a green day and whether or not you need to use protection.

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Your Natural Cycles journey

What to expect

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First Cycle

Get started

From the first day you add data, our algorithm will provide you with your fertility status. For most users, ovulation is identified during the first cycle.

Second Cycle

Master your routine

The more data you add, the more our algorithm learns. Measure your temperature when you wake up, at least 5 days a week, to get more green days (aka non-fertile days when you don’t have to use protection).

Third Cycle

Keep on Learning

Track your period, ovulation test results, and PMS symptoms to help you learn more about your body, cycle, and reproductive health.

Why women love Natural Cycles

I'm so grateful to Natural Cycles for giving me a powerful, empowering, effective option to understand and work with my fertility.

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