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Going Hormone-Free

This collection is designed to accompany you as you embark on a hormone-free journey! Find out the changes that happen when you make the switch and hear from others who’ve already gone hormone-free.

Birth Control

5 Benefits of Hormone-Free Birth Control

It’s always a good time for a fresh start in both body and mind. If you’re thinking of switching to non-hormonal birth control, now is a great time to get started and we’ve put together a list of five reasons to go hormone-free. Read on to discover how making the switch to non-hormonal birth control can benefit your body, help you plan for the future and more…

4 min read

Birth Control

11 Non-hormonal birth control methods and how they work

We’re all different and deserve a diverse choice of methods to suit our unique reproductive needs. For those looking for hormone-free contraception, we’ve curated a list of seven non-hormonal birth control options, so you can learn about their history, how they’re used, their effectiveness and more. If you’re looking for natural birth control, you’ve come to the right place…

13 min read

Birth Control

Switching birth control methods: what you need to know

Over our fertile lifetimes we are likely to change birth control methods multiple times. This frequency could be a symptom of a lack of suitable options, or the fact our needs and preferences change over time. It’s an important decision, if and when you switch your current birth control, and in this post we’ll help guide you through this change.

9 min read

Reproductive Health

7 Signs of Ovulation

You can’t get pregnant every day of your cycle, so knowing your fertility is an incredibly useful tool. Although our fertile days are not obvious, there are a few signs you can look out for to help you identify your fertile window. These changes happen to our bodies in the lead up to the release of an egg cell (known as ovulation). Every woman is different and her experience of ovulation is unique to her. However, there are some specific signs of ovulation that are easier to identify than others. Read on to find out more about some common symptoms of ovulation day, and the way our bodies change throughout the menstrual cycle.

5 min read

Cycler Stories

Coming off Hormonal Birth Control: Sophia’s Story

I heard about Natural Cycles through social media. Even before I found them, I’d been interested in a natural form of birth control. I have been on two different hormonal birth control pills. One for a year and a half, and the other for about 6 months. One of the biggest reasons why I switched pills was because of the side effects I was experiencing...

5 min read

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