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5 Benefits of Hormone-Free Birth Control

It’s always a good time for a fresh start in both body and mind. If you’re thinking of switching to non-hormonal birth control, now is a great time to get started and we’ve put together a list of five reasons to go hormone-free. Read on to discover how making the switch to non-hormonal birth control can benefit your body, help you plan for the future and more…

Why should I choose a hormone-free birth control method?

Everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to birth control. What works for your friend might not work for you. Some women swear by hormonal birth control, for others it isn’t the right solution. We’ve put together a list of five reasons why you should consider the world’s first birth control app and how going hormone-free with Natural Cycles can benefit you.

1. Get to know your body better

Natural Cycles has over two million registered users worldwide – one of the things we hear them say over and over again is how much they enjoy learning about their bodies. All of our cycles are different and you might not know the unique patterns in yours until you come to track it. Tracking your cycle with Natural Cycles is not the same as using a period tracker, this is because Natural Cycles uses the basal body temperature method paired with a smart algorithm, which can predict your fertile window

Once the app finds your ovulation you’ll know which days in your cycle you are fertile. On top of that, you can become acutely aware of changes in your body, come to predict PMS or know which days in your cycle you are likely to feel your best! 

2. Say goodbye to side effects

Since we’re all different, our bodies react to birth control in different ways. Headaches, mood swings and lowering our sex drives are all unwanted side effects of hormonal birth control. We believe that everyone should be able to find a birth control method that works for them. 

With no prescription needed, Natural Cycles has become the choice for many looking for an effective method of contraception that is non-hormonal and non-invasive. The birth control app is 93% effective with typical use and is 98% effective when used perfectly. Read more on birth control effectiveness here

Saying goodbye to hormones is a great way to get to know your body better. Natural Cycles is 100% hormone-free and is scientifically proven to be effective. Sign up today to try the world’s first birth control app.

3. Plan for the future

For those who love to stay organized, Natural Cycles enables its users to look to the future. This means you can schedule a camping trip or romantic getaway around your unique cycle, and so you’re unlikely to be caught by surprise by your period and you can see in advance when you are likely to be fertile. 

In terms of longer-term planning, should you decide you want to start planning a pregnancy, it’s simple to switch to ‘Plan Mode’ in the app. The same science that helps you prevent pregnancy can be flipped around to help you conceive, if and when the time is right. 

4. Cycle with a friend

Building a new routine takes time and energy. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Natural Cycles is a community of users – compare stats, measuring streaks and make the most of our Refer a Friend feature that gives you and your friends discounts on subscriptions and products. 

The app also has achievements built-in to help you and your friends stay on track on your journey to discovering the benefits of non-hormonal birth control. Did you know you can also get Natural Cycles reimbursed through your FSA/HSA account? Read our FAQs to find out more. 

5. Join us on our mission

Birth control is a stigmatized topic of conversation, we’d like to put an end to that. In fact, we won’t stop talking about sex and birth control until we’ve closed the knowledge gap on female reproductive health. 

Our mission at Natural Cycles is to pioneer women’s health with research and passion – by empowering every woman with the knowledge that she needs to take charge of her health. You can be a part of that by sharing your knowledge, debunking myths, and saying goodbye to the stigma that’s clouded contraceptive empowerment for generations of women. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our little list of big reasons to try Natural Cycles. There are of course more non-hormonal birth control methods available and it’s always worth researching and discussing with a healthcare professional before changing your method of contraception. In the meantime, why not find out if the birth control app could work for your routine?

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