5 Reasons to Order Birth Control Online

From greater accessibility to broadening our education, there's plenty of reasons to order birth control online, and in 2020 there's no better time to switch to a digital method. In this post, we're going to take a closer look at the benefits of choosing a contraceptive method that's just a click away

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1. Skip the pharmacy 

Now so much of our lives have gone digital, the good news is that you can also order birth control online from the comfort of your own home. This is pretty handy during an era when we might want to avoid the doctor’s waiting room or the crowded pharmacy (not to mention the journey to and from these places)... 

With Natural Cycles digital birth control, you can sign up online, quickly download the app and we’ll send you a basal thermometer in the mail. Once this arrives you’ll be able to start measuring your temperature, recording it in the app, and the algorithm will use your temperature data to identify your fertility status. This method of birth control works because there is a link between your ovulation and your body temperature.

2. Go hormone-free 

No hormones means no prescription, but there are other benefits that come with choosing a non-hormonal birth control method. Some women do experience some unpleasant side effects from hormonal birth control and switching to a low hormone or a hormone-free method is a good way to manage side effects while still offering a means to prevent pregnancy.

Natural Cycles is 100% hormone-free - in fact it’s one of the main reasons women switch birth control methods and start with us. The good news is that choosing a hormone-free birth control method doesn’t have to mean compromising on effectiveness. Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use and 98% with perfect use. In terms of birth control effectiveness, that puts us in the same category as the pill, while being more effective than traditional natural family planning and less effective than long-acting contraceptive methods like the copper and hormonal IUDs.

3. Learn your unique cycle

Switching to a hormone-free birth control option does come with one unexpected side effect: enhanced knowledge about how your body works. The combination of a hormone-free method paired with updates that are tailored to your personal cycle offers a unique learning experience. One more reason to order birth control online! 

From reminders on the best time of the month to do a self-breast exam, to PMS alerts, Natural Cycles learns the pattern of your cycle so you know what’s happening in your body and can plan ahead.

4. Join a community 

Choosing a method of contraception can feel like a lonely or daunting task. While you might think opting for an online birth control method is an even more isolating experience, you might be surprised to find that there is a whole community of Natural Cycles users who share tips, tricks and stories about their hormone-free journeys. 

To date, over 1.5 million women worldwide have registered to use Natural Cycles. We’re a certified medical device that’s FDA cleared in the U.S. and CE Marked in Europe for contraceptive use. Our certification in the U.S. is based on the analysis of more than 15,000 women.

5. Plan for the future

Last but not least, the final reason to order online birth control is all about the long term outlook and options. It reflects Natural Cycles’ origin. In fact, the first birth control app was created with the intention that the science used to prevent pregnancy could one day be flipped to help conceive. When Natural Cycles founders Elina and Raoul were ready to start a family they did just that, and managed to get pregnant in the very first cycle. 

Furthermore, our recent study found that on average women who use Natural Cycles as a birth control get pregnant in three cycles or less when they switch to plan mode, faster than those who had previously used hormonal contraception before trying to conceive. The great thing about using a method that’s tailored to your unique cycle is that you can adapt the method to suit your goal, meaning you can switch back to using Natural Cycles as a birth control when you need to. 

Whether you know you’ll want kids one day or never want to start a family, it’s important you have access to all the options and the choice to make an informed decision about your reproductive future. 

Ready to switch birth control?

We hope you’ve learned lots about the benefits of ordering birth control online. We know there’s plenty to consider before switching birth control, and we always advise you discuss your contraceptive options with a healthcare professional before changing methods. In the meantime, why not find out if Natural Cycles could work for you?

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