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5 Benefits of Using the Oura Ring with Natural Cycles

That’s right! The power of Oura is now compatible with Natural Cycles. Whether you’re using the app to plan or prevent pregnancy, here’s what you need to know about our brand new partnership. Find out how you can benefit from using Natural Cycles with an Oura Ring, how to access your discount on a new device, and more…

    1. Enjoy a seamless measuring experience

    You can now use the world’s first birth control app powered by a wearable!... And not just any wearable, Oura is the state-of-the-art smart ring that offers a holistic health experience tailored to you - great for those of us who love learning about our bodies!

    When you use Oura alongside the Natural Cycles app, your Oura temperature trend data will sync automatically giving you a daily fertility status every morning after you have slept with the Oura Ring the night before. This smooth new way to measure is just as effortless as drifting off to sleep.

    2. Prepare to prioritize sleep 

    We all know the importance of a good night’s rest. Not only can you use an Oura Ring with the Natural Cycles app, but the ring’s advanced sleep tracking provides insights into your own sleep quality so you can optimize your rest and reap the rewards every day! 

    What’s more, with automatic data syncing, you won’t need to wake up to measure each morning. Instead the Natural Cycles algorithm will analyze the Oura temperature trend data collected during the night and calculate your daily fertility. You can check the Natural Cycles app over your morning coffee or when it suits you best throughout the day.

    3. Track multiple insights with one device

    We know our Cyclers love learning about their bodies. Whether it’s recognizing that special energy around ovulation or anticipating the signature slump of PMS, our app is dedicated to enriching your learning journey every step of the way, so, naturally, it made sense that we’d partner with the most accurate smart ring out there.

    Using the Oura Ring, you can now unlock even more health insights. With the added ability to monitor heart rate data, analyze sleep quality, track workouts, plus loads more features, you can learn even more about your body, while still planning or preventing pregnancy without hormones.

    4. Get your hands on award-winning design 

    The Oura Ring is more than a sleep tracker, it’s an engineering breakthrough. The comfortable yet timeless design means it’s great to wear whether you’re at the gym, the office, or on a night out. Of course, to use Natural Cycles with Oura, you’ll only need to wear the Ring to bed, but there are plenty of advantages to wearing it 24/7.

    Lightweight and water resistant, the Oura Ring is designed to live life alongside you. An extended battery life of up to seven days means you’ll rarely need to take it off. And why would you want to?

    5. Join the users who already love it

    It’s been a journey getting here. As a certified medical device, we can’t always make waves overnight. Our partnership with Oura is made possible through our FDA clearance that allows Natural Cycles to integrate with third-party wearables and because we’ve carried out extensive research and testing. 

    You may have heard about the Beta testing we conducted with a handful of users - or the waitlist to get into it! Now that all Cyclers can use an Oura Ring, we asked the Beta users what they liked best about the experience and this is what they had to say:

    “It’s just amazing! I’ve been using NC for 5+ years (both to plan and prevent) and it’s never been this easy and impressive. I know my cycle inside out!” - Beta user

    “Love love love it. I hope you open it up to everyone soon, so they can love it, too!” - Beta user

    “I hope this is opened up to all Natural Cycles users soon. It’s a game changer and makes using this app even better.” - Beta user

    Natural birth control that's built for you

    Thanks for checking out the benefits of using the Oura with Natural Cycles! You can get started straight away by signing up for Natural Cycles - or use the button below to learn more about our groundbreaking partnership.

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