Celebrating 5 Years and 61 Cycles and I’d Never Look Back: Alice’s Story

Why did I choose Natural Cycles? Because getting to know your cycle and feeling more in tune with your body than ever before is one of the most empowering feelings imaginable….

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Disclaimer: This is one Natural Cycles user’s experience. Everyone's experience is different and we encourage you to talk to your healthcare provider when considering switching birth control.

As a women's health specialist and leading nutritionist, I work with women of all ages. My role is to support women by empowering them to take back control of their health and find personalised solutions to their most pressing female health concerns. 

Natural Cycles has not only been fundamental in my own health and wellness journey, but has transformed the lives of many of my clients alongside my women’s health programmes.

My birth control journey

When it came to birth control prior to Natural Cycles, you name it I had tried it: from the copper coil, condoms, to more types of combined and mini pills than you could shake a stick at. Each time I was hopeful the outcome would be different and each time I was left an anxious, moody, sleep-deprived mess. 

In the quest to find reliable birth control (that didn’t make me feel like I was on an emotional roller-coaster 24/7) I decided to give Natural Cycles a try (with much speculation from friends and family). But after all, women have been using thermometers for natural birth control for a very long time so an app that does this and tracks your cycle data is surely worth a shot…YES?

I was intrigued to see how it worked and eager to see what my data told me about my body and my cycle. 5 years and 61 cycles with Natural Cycles and I’d never look back.

I love being able to track how long each cycle is, the change in cervical mucus and actually knowing when I am ovulating by this subtle change, as well as tracking emotional changes so I know when I am likely to be more sensitive, tired or about to come on my period. I have been able to track how stress impacts my cycle (making it longer) and how my ovulation day is unique to me (we don’t actually all ovulate on day 14 of our cycles).

Why going hormone-free can do wonders for your health…

Reproductive health - Hormonal contraception can take six months to a year to clear from your system when trying to conceive whereas with Natural Cycles you can plan for a pregnancy immediately by changing to plan pregnancy mode. Tracking your cycle can also be useful when investigating female health concerns and tracking any changes over time.

Nutritional status - Birth control pills are known to deplete key nutrients that support our overall health including b vitamins, magnesium and zinc essential cofactors for our energy metabolism. Balancing your hormones naturally can also improve your sleep, reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

Vaginal health - Supportive for your vaginal microbiome and cervical mucus production reducing vaginal dryness.

If you’d like to try Natural Cycles for yourself, you can get 20% off plus a free thermometer through my personal referral link.

More from Alice Rose

If you would like to have more support to transform your life through women’s health nutrition and lifestyle consultations - contact Alice for your free female health goals call. You can also follow Alice on Instagram for more insights into women’s health.

Alice has also just launched her recipe ebook From Land to Sea which includes; 35 nutritious and delicious recipes co-created with her brother and Michelin background sustainably focussed Chef Harry George. To give you support to eat more seasonally, sustainably and intuitively, to live more consciously and to reconnect to the food we eat.

It includes Nutritionally led, seasonal, sustainable, healthy alternatives to family favourites and supports the immune system, weight loss, gut health and improving overall health and wellbeing. Get hold of your copy here. Use code: EMAIL10 for 10% off.

A huge thank you to Alice for sharing her personal experience of switching to natural contraception. Natural Cycles is the first FDA cleared birth control app, it’s 100% hormone-free and non-invasive. Why not find out if it could work for you today?

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Written By

Alice Rose

Alice Rose is a Women’s Health Specialist, Lifestyle Design Expert and top recommended Nutritionist by Tatler magazine. She also runs luxury retreats for women and is a writer and recipe developer.

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