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Natural Cycles App Reviews: Carina Otero

One of the great things about working at Natural Cycles is the rewarding experience of speaking to our community of Cyclers. We have over one million registered users of the Natural Cycles app worldwide. This week I caught up with one of our users in the US, Carina Otero, who’s a traveler, blogger and also a dedicated Cycler! Read on for her full Natural Cycles app review and how she keeps up the routine on the go….

Why did you decide to start using Natural Cycles?

I first decided to try Natural Cycles when I was looking for non-hormonal birth control options. Prior to that, I had used the ring for over ten years and thought I was happy with it until my doctor told me to immediately stop using it because I mentioned I was having migraines. I then was given a progestin-only mini-pill which came with its own slew of unwanted side effects. When I stopped taking hormonal birth control for good and started Natural Cycles, I noticed that not only did my migraines stop, but I was also just feeling so much better overall.

You’ve traveled all over the world to some amazing places – what’s it like keeping up your routine on the go?

Natural Cycles has actually been a big motivator for me to keep up a routine even when I’m traveling a lot. I try to get a consistent amount of sleep so I can take my temperature accurately every morning, so avoiding jet lag is a priority. Staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and managing stress by giving myself plenty of time to prepare have been helpful tips to keep up my routine while I’m traveling. 

What would you tell someone who hasn’t started using Natural Cycles yet?

I would tell her that Natural Cycles isn’t just an effective form of non-hormonal birth control- it’s also a way to better get to know your own body! 

And what’s your advice for a new Cycler?

Consistency is key! The more you measure, the better the app gets to know you, and the better it gets to know you, the more green days you get. 

What’s your biggest learning from using Natural Cycles?

The Natural Cycles app knows me better than I know myself! My cycle is pretty regular, but it can get thrown off a bit if I’m traveling, moving, or experiencing anything else particularly stressful. The algorithm has been able to notice any irregularities in my temperature curves and the predictions of my ovulation dates and cycle lengths have been spot on!

What’s changed since you switched to Natural Cycles?

Since switching to Natural Cycles, I have been reminded of what it’s like to experience my own body after years on synthetic hormones. It feels empowering to have periods and even to experience things like cramps and water retention. In the year since switching to Natural Cycles, my attitude has also changed and I’m feeling much more motivated, inspired, and in a better mood in general.

Do you talk more about birth control now?

Many of my female friends and colleagues have been using hormonal birth control for at least several years, but I think lately the conversation has shifted to women being more conscious about what is going into their bodies and affecting their reproductive health. 

Carina traveling in Lisbon, Portugal.

On your travels, have you seen a difference in attitudes when it comes to birth control?

When I first started researching Natural Cycles it was already CE Marked in Europe, but it was before it had FDA clearance in the US. Understandably, not many of my friends in the US had heard of it, yet many of my friends in Europe were more familiar with the app and the concept. To be honest I haven’t discussed the topic at length with many other people on my travels, but I think the dialogue overall is increasing and hopefully with that, more and more women across the world will be able to make decisions about their own bodies and reproductive health.

Does having limited access to the internet impact your use of Natural Cycles?

Most of my travel is work-related so I almost always have an internet connection. But if I ever have limited connection, I always make sure to travel with a back-up form of contraception like condoms, and can relax knowing that the app will store my data until I can reconnect. 

You’ve got your passport, phone and your thermometer, what else has to go in your backpack?

I always bring my reliable tools for fighting jet lag: a collapsible water bottle for staying hydrated on the go, and a set of resistance bands so I can exercise anywhere and make sure I can get a good night of sleep!

Any final thoughts on your Natural Cycles journey so far?

All I can say is that I wish I had switched sooner!💜

A huge thanks to Carina for taking the time to share her Natural Cycles app review and letting us in on some of her top tips on using digital birth control on the go. You can read more about Carina’s international adventures at sheisnotlost.com. You can also learn more about her experience using Natural Cycles while traveling here. Find us on social media for more Natural Cycles app reviews – or why not sign up today and try our demo mode for free. 

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A writer with a passion for women’s health, Jennifer Gray has years of experience writing about various reproductive health topics including birth control, planning pregnancy, women’s anatomy, and so much more.

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