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🌿  Non-hormonal & non-invasive

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Measure. Add data. Know your fertility.

Take your temperature before getting up and out of bed.

Let’s compare birth control effectiveness



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Contraceptive Pill

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Vaginal Ring

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Hormonal IUD


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Natural Cycles°

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Male Condom

Copper iud


Copper IUD


Percentage of typical users who did not get pregnant with the method over 1 year of use. Read more.

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I learnt so much about myself, my body and my cycle whilst on natural cycles! Even as a 23 year old woman I was learning things no school nurse ever taught me! It was really empowering to know about my cycles and allowed me to understand that my body is amazing and does great things and I need to take care of it.

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You must be over the age of 18. Does not protect against STIs.

FDA Cleared

Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use, 98% effective with perfect use. No method of contraception is 100% effective. Natural Cycles does not guarantee that you cannot get pregnant, it only informs you whether and when you can become pregnant based on the information that you enter into the application.

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