How Does Our Natural Birth Control Work?

It’s time to take birth control into your own hands and transform the way you think about your body. Read on to find out how our natural birth control adapts to your unique cycle.

What you need to know:

  • The intelligent Birth Control App identifies your fertility from your body temperature
  • Take your temperature when you wake up, enter it in the app to see if it’s a red or green day
  • Try to measure most mornings within a 4-hour window to get more green days

Did you know your temperature is linked to your cycle?

Right after ovulation, there’s a rise in your basal body temperature. Basal body temperature, or BBT, is your body’s lowest resting temperature which you can measure in the morning, when you first wake up. To measure BBT you need a thermometer which shows 2 decimal places – this is included in our yearly subscription. The app works out where you are in your cycle based on your temperature. When Natural Cycles finds your rise in temperature, it identifies your fertility window, this is shown as red days (when you should use protection or abstain from sex).

A smarter way to measure

Natural Cycles takes fertility tracking one step further. The natural birth control app uses an algorithm that learns your unique cycle from the BBT temperatures you add. Once Natural Cycles has analyzed your temperature curve it can detect ovulation, learn your fertile window and tell you where you are in the menstrual cycle. With Natural Cycles you’ll get a personalized fertility status every day. 

We recommend you measure your temperature at least 5 days a week within a four-hour window. You can still trust the app, even if you skip measuring. However, the less data you add, the more red days the app will give you, meaning you will be advised to use protection. You should also track your periods in the app, and there’s the option to add further data such as ovulation test results, PMS symptoms and unprotected sex. The more data you put into the app, the more green days you are going to get back.

A new day: a new status

After measuring, check your personalized status for the day. This is clearly displayed as a red or a green day. A green day means there’s no risk of pregnancy, a red day means you might be fertile and there’s a risk of pregnancy. To use the app perfectly (and reach 98% effectiveness), you should either use protection or abstain from sex on red days. The calendar view gives a helpful prediction of the days to come, but you should always check your daily fertility status.

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