5 Facts About Digital Birth Control

A new player on the contraceptive field, digital birth control offers an innovative method of preventing pregnancy to women worldwide. In this post, we’ll take a dive into some fascinating facts surrounding this method, from its history to its effectiveness, let's unpack five facts about digital birth control together.

digital birth control

1. Digital birth control works because of body temperature

Before we take a deep dive into the digital, it’s important we back up and look a bit at biology. Digital birth control works because there is a predictable change in our body temperature throughout the menstrual cycle. Right after ovulation, the hormone progesterone causes our body temperature to rise. This is a small, but noticeable, temperature increase and it can only be detected when using a special basal thermometer that shows two decimal places. Moreover, the temperature shift happens after the point when you are fertile, so the data needs to be used to predict future fertility for this to work as contraception, that’s where the science comes in! 

Take that shift in temperature, pair it with a sophisticated algorithm, and you have digital birth control in the form of an app that can predict your fertile window from one cycle to the next. Smart huh? 

2. It’s the first certified birth control app of its kind

In 2018, Natural Cycles became the first and only birth control app to be cleared by the US FDA. It had already been certified in Europe for several years, but the FDA clearance meant Natural Cycles could become a digital birth control option for millions more women. 

Being a certified medical device, Natural Cycles is regularly audited to ensure it meets clinical standards. Its FDA clearance was based on the analysis of more than 15,000 women and to date Natural Cycles has published seven peer-reviewed studies, furthering research in women’s health worldwide. 

3. It’s 100% hormone-free birth control

Ask our users what they love about digital birth control, and you will hear a whole bunch of different reasons, but one of the most common ones is the knowledge about their bodies they gain when they transition to a hormone-free lifestyle. Digital birth control doesn’t contain any synthetic hormones, it’s natural, and non-invasive. Even better, you don’t need a prescription to sign up, you can order digital birth control online or even buy digital birth control over the counter at some pharmacies. 

Here at Natural Cycles, we value birth control choice and understand that for some women hormonal birth control is a great option that works well for them. However, we’re all different and our bodies react in different ways. The fact that we are likely to change birth control multiple times during our fertile lifetimes shows that in reality it can be challenging to find a birth control that really ticks all the boxes. This is why choice is so important, and we are proud to offer another hormone-free birth control option.

4. It’s in the same effectiveness category as the pill

Another subject that’s close to our hearts is effectiveness. There are lots of misconceptions around birth control effectiveness and it’s no wonder really when we consider the holes in sex education and the lack of research in women’s health more generally. In reality, no birth control method is 100% effective. However, some methods are more effective than others. The most effective contraceptive methods include the copper and hormonal IUDs and the implant.

Digital birth control is in the same effectiveness category as the pill. Natural Cycles is 93% effective with typical use and 98% with perfect use. Digital birth control is more effective than the calendar or rhythm method because it learns the pattern of your own unique cycle, whereas other fertility awareness-based methods often assume your cycle is 28-days long. In fact, our recent study actually disproved this common assumption about cycle length... 

5. Digital birth control was created by a woman

Back to the science stuff, but this time we turn to physics! Our founder, Elina Berglund, was a particle physicist at CERN before she created the world’s first digital birth control method. In fact, it was her data science background combined with her desire to find an effective, hormone-free contraceptive option that led to the creation of Natural Cycles. 

As well as using the app herself to both successfully prevent and plan pregnancy, Elina decided to open up the option of digital birth control for other women. Today Natural Cycles has over 1.5 million registered users worldwide who’ve joined us on a hormone-free journey thanks to Elina’s mission to find the right option for her.

Find out if Natural Cycles could work for you

We hope you’ve enjoyed our five facts about the first and only contraceptive app. Digital birth control has one last trick up its sleeve, if and when you’re ready to start a family, the same technology that has helped you prevent pregnancy can be flipped to help you conceive with the Natural Cycles plan a pregnancy mode. In fact, women who use Natural Cycles to plan pregnancy often get pregnant in three cycles or fewer

A digital birth control revolution is happening. Women worldwide are switching birth control methods and embarking on a journey of discovering their own unique cycles. If you’re looking for a new hormone-free way to prevent pregnancy, digital birth control might just be the method you’ve been searching for. 

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