Simple, intuitive and easy to use

Today’s view

On this screen, you can see your patient’s Basal Body Temperature (BBT) and her fertility status. On a red day, she should use protection (condoms are recommended). Predictions for the upcoming days are presented below. Please remind your patient that predictions may change and should not be regarded as a final result.

Month view

Here you can see the patient’s predicted green days and red days (i.e. fertile days that require the use of protection) for the month. Please note that these may change as more data are entered. The algorithm predicts her upcoming ovulation and period.

History view

In this view, you can see the details in your patient’s everyday log: her temperature, period, and LH test results if used. You can also explore your patient’s notes if she records further aspects such as pain, spotting, mood swings etc.

The graph

If you press the ‘Graph’ button in the top right corner of the Today view, you will see the Graph View. The graph is a visualisation of your patient’s temperature curve. You can swipe left or right to view graphs of her past cycle and tap ‘3 cycles’ or ‘9 cycles’ to compare them. You can also see any self-reported sex data she has logged and if the sex was protected or not. Additionally, her period, fertile days and ovulation are indicated by different symbols. Women are interested in seeing their individual data on the graphs and analysing the data to better understand their body and cycle.

Cycle Statistics view

You can see the Cycle statistics view by clicking the tab at the bottom of the screen. This view reflects the numbers behind your patient’s cycle. It informs you about her overall cycle length, as well as regularity and detailed analysis of the three phases of her menstrual cycle – the follicular, luteal and ovulatory phases. Underneath the statistics of your patient you can also see the average statistics of all women using Natural Cycles. This provides you with a comparative benchmark. The statistics Natural Cycles provides can also help you to diagnose medical conditions.