Who is Natural Cycles most suitable for?

Many women choose to use the Pill and other short or long-acting methods of contraception and are happy with their choice. However, there are a number of women who decide to stop hormonal methods for a variety of reasons. These women are potential candidates for Natural Cycles.

  • Women using Natural Cycles should be at least 18 years old. Today the typical woman using Natural Cycles is 30 years old on average, has a daily routine and is in a stable relationship.
  • Women using Natural Cycles and their partners should be comfortable using protection (condoms) on red days and she should be willing to measure her temperature in the morning.
  • Women using Natural Cycles tend to be health conscious, are interested in learning about their cycle and becoming more aware of it and have a desire to be more in tune with their body.
  • Natural Cycles is also a suitable option for women who are considering a pregnancy within the next few years.

Evidence shows that a woman who, following consultation with her HCP, has actively chosen a method of contraception and is satisfied with it, is more likely to use it consistently and correctly. On the other hand, women using a method which is not in line with their actual preferences may be less likely to adhere to it or may discontinue the method.¹

Providing information for women and their HCPs and increasing the choice of options lie at the core of our company’s mission so that every woman and her partner can find a method best suited to their needs.

Who is Natural Cycles less suitable for?

Natural Cycles is an effective contraceptive for women with fairly regular and ovulatory menstrual cycles. It may be less suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles, since predicting her fertile days is more difficult and the number of red days will be higher.

Natural Cycles does not protect against STIs, therefore the app is generally recommended for women in stable relationships.

¹Madden T, Secura G, Nease R, Politi M, Peipert J. The role of contraceptive attributes in women’s contraceptive decision making. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2015;213(1):46.e1-6.

Three types of patients Natural Cycles may be suitable for



Emma, 30 years old

Emma is searching for a non-hormonal and non-invasive form of contraception after experiencing side effects with the Pill.

  • Emma has a university degree and works at an art agency
  • She lives with her partner of 2 years; they have no children
  • She is currently focused on her career with no imminent plans to start a family
  • In the past, she has discontinued use of the Pill, the Depo-Provera injection, and the contraceptive patch because of experiencing loss of libido or weight gain
Emma’s preferences
  • Emma would like to try an alternative non-hormonal, non-invasive contraceptive with a low risk of side effects
  • She also stresses the importance of proven contraceptive effectiveness for her peace of mind


Why may Natural Cycles be suitable for Emma?

Natural Cycles has no known side effects

  • Natural Cycles is non-hormonal and non-invasive. It accurately predicts the likelihood of conception on a given day by tracking the user’s menstrual cycle and her basal body temperature¹

Natural Cycles is effective

  • In a large clinical study of more than 22,000 women, Natural Cycles had a typical-use failure rate of 6.9 pregnancies per 100 woman-years¹
    • Equivalent to 7 pregnancies in 100 women using the app for 1 year
  • Natural Cycles is a CE certified class IIb medical device intended to be used for contraception in the EU

Emma’s lifestyle is compatible with the Natural Cycles app requirements

  • She is in a stable relationship and does not need a barrier contraceptive to reduce the risk of STIs
  • She has a consistent routine that would support daily temperature measurements and data input




Jenny, 31 years old

Jenny would like a natural form of contraception in line with her healthy lifestyle. 


  • Jenny is a school teacher who enjoys running and yoga in her spare time
  • She and her partner have been living together for the past 4 years and do not have children
  • She hopes to start a family in the future when she feels mentally and physically prepared
  • She is engaged in healthy living and is an active user of health apps
Jenny’s preferences
  • Jenny is seeking a natural form of contraception that is in line with her healthy lifestyle
  • She has negative associations with hormonal contraceptives and would prefer not to use them
  • She is motivated to better understand her body and menstrual cycle

Why may Natural Cycles be suitable for Jenny?

Natural Cycles is an effective, non-hormonal, and non-invasive contraceptive

  • Natural Cycles does not alter a woman’s menstrual cycle but tracks and highlights the infertile and fertile phases of her cycle
  • The app signals the woman’s fertile days when she must abstain from intercourse or use another form of contraception (e.g. condoms) to avoid conception

Natural Cycles can be used as an informational tool

  • Jenny can better understand her body through the app visualisations of her menstrual cycle, the statistics generated, and LH test results (if performed)

Jenny’s lifestyle is compatible with the Natural Cycles app requirements

  • Reducing the risk of STIs is not a concern given her stable relationship
  • Daily temperature measurements are likely to be manageable within her consistent daily routine




Kate, 32 years

Kate and her husband are planning a pregnancy. Kate is looking for a tool that pinpoints the days during which she is most fertile in order to maximise her chance of conceiving quicker.


  • Kate is a partner in a local firm of building surveyors
  • She has been married for the past 2 years and lives with her husband; they have no children
  • She was taking an oral contraceptive but recently stopped in order to become pregnant
  • She is currently trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle (avoiding smoking and alcohol, and managing her stress levels)
Kate’s preferences
  • Kate wants to better understand her body and menstrual cycles
  • She would like to identify the days when she is most fertile with the aim of maximising her chances of conceiving


Why may Natural Cycles be suitable for Kate?

Natural Cycles identifies the user’s fertile window²

  • The app has a Pregnancy Plan mode that will calculate Kate’s level of fertility each day
  • Natural Cycles can detect ovulation with similar efficacy to that of ultrasound³

Natural Cycles can detect and monitor pregnancy

  • Natural Cycles will suggest taking a pregnancy test based on the data collected
  • Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the app provides an accurate due date and monitors the development of her pregnancy

Kate’s lifestyle is compatible with the Natural Cycles app

  • Kate has a consistent daily routine and strong motivation to use the app on a regular basis

Could Natural Cycles be right for your patient?

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LH, luteinising hormone; STIs, sexually transmitted infections