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5 Reasons Cyclers love measuring with Apple Watch

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Written by Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray

Jennifer Gray is an award-winning writer with more than five years’ experience covering reproductive topics ranging from birth control to planning pregnancy. She is passionate about providing women with accurate information grounded in science they can use to take charge of their own health - while also dispelling myths that exist within the field of women’s health. She holds a Master of Science from the University of Edinburgh and currently lives in Ireland.

Natural Cycles’ recent integration with Apple Watch means that measuring just got even smoother, but don’t just take it from us. Hear firsthand from some of our most dedicated users what they like most about using Natural Cycles with their Apple Watch, including building better habits, getting more sleep, and improving morning routines for parents.

 1. It’s a win for the snoozers

If you’re the type of person who needs those extra few minutes of shut-eye, then measuring with Apple Watch is for you! Danielle’s been using Natural Cycles for over three years but recently switched to measuring with Apple Watch. We asked her about her experience: 

“To be able to use the Apple Watch to measure your temperature is amazing. You don’t have to interrupt your sleep. I love it!” - Danielle using NC° since June 2020

If you’re a snoozer too, measuring with Apple Watch means a gentler start to your day. All you have to do is follow a few quick steps in the app to set things up and then you’re good to go! The NC° algorithm crunches the data from your watch and provides you with a daily fertility status. Just open the app whenever you decide to get up and check to see if today is a Red Day or a Green Day. And yes, you can make your coffee first!

2. You never need to miss a measurement again 

Hilary’s used Natural Cycles for more than 2 years, and while she loves how easy it is to use her Apple Watch with Natural Cycles, she’s most excited about the fact her measuring streak has never been better!

“I have found being able to use my watch for my temperature tracking amazing - so much easier to remember and I’ve not missed a single reading. I love it!” - Hilary, Cycler since October 2021 

If you find you regularly forget to measure with your thermometer, switching to measuring with a wearable device such as Apple Watch, could help you build a better measuring habit. Simply wear the watch to bed and let the NC° algorithm do the hard work for you! You can even set up charging reminders to make sure your watch never runs low on power either!  Learn more about how NC° works with Apple Watch.

3. It’s one less thing to think about

We’re all busy people, and sometimes birth control can feel like one more thing to think about. We want to make your life as easy as possible while still providing a learning journey like no other! One of our aims with the Apple Watch integration is to make measuring as quick and easy as possible. Verena’s been Cycling with us for 3 years, and is now making the most of measuring with her Apple Watch:

“I'm really pleased that the Apple Watch feature exists. It's making it much easier for me to track my temperature. Thank you team!” - Verena, using NC° since 2020 

You’re welcome! Our Research and Development Team is constantly looking for ways to optimize the measuring experience and reward our Cyclers with a smoother way to take their temperatures! Apple Watch is a milestone in that journey, giving you the freedom to measure overnight and check the app whenever you’re ready the next day. 

4. We’ve made it easier for moms to measure

 The parents out there know that disturbed nights and unpredictable mornings are a daily reality that makes maintaining any kind of routine tricky. Measuring with Apple Watch is an option that’s accessible to a variety of lifestyles, including those who work shifts and of course parents. We collected feedback from a wide variety of users, including Sierra, a veteran Cycler who’s used to balancing her measuring routine with mom duties:

 “The integration is amazing and using my Apple Watch is so much easier, especially with an almost two-year-old when I often forget to take my temp in the morning! It's also been as accurate as if I was (orally) taking my temp” - Sierra, using NC° since 2020

It’s not just Sierra who’s singing the praises of an easier measuring routine. New parents too, can get something from measuring with Apple Watch, just ask Emma: 

“I’m super happy! I’m still breastfeeding 7 months postpartum and wake up a couple of times at night. I’m so glad I don’t have to use the thermometer anymore. Last month I had my first period back, but no ovulation yet.” - Emma  using NC° since September 2021.

If, like Emma, you've recently had a baby and are breastfeeding, measuring with Apple Watch can be a great way to monitor your cycle while your hormone levels return to normal. Learn more about using Natural Cycles while breastfeeding and when to expect your first ovulation

 5. NC° continues to change the game  

It’s been ten years since Natural Cycles launched in Sweden, and since then we’ve grown our user base to more than 3 million women worldwide. There is a need out there for a natural contraceptive, an option without side effects, or synthetic hormones. NC° has come a long way in the last decade, with FDA Clearance, the launch of our own Bluetooth thermometer, plus our first integration with a wearable in the form of our partnership with smart ring innovators, Ōura.

Our newest integration with Apple Watch is another way we’re making history. We want you to know that while we’re always looking for ways to bring you the best birth control option we can, we will never stray from our mission to empower women, and that includes keeping you and your data protected at all times. We never sell your data, and your measurements are secure with Natural Cycles. Users must explicitly choose to share overnight wrist temperature data measured by Apple Watch and can manage permissions at any time. You can also choose which data from the Natural Cycles app, if any, you would like to share to the Health app. 

Natural Cycles was created out of one woman’s need to find a non-hormonal birth control method that worked for her, an alternative to those traditional methods. Today we’re continuing on that path, providing women with another option that’s not stuck in the past, and instead is fit for the future. Learn more about getting started with Natural Cycles and Apple Watch. In the meantime, we’ll leave the last words to Verena:

Absolutely loving Natural Cycles. It’s such a good alternative to hormonal contraception, and really easy to use. The integration of Apple Watch has been a real game changer too.” - Verena, using NC° since 2020

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